Tuesday, November 8, 2005

IVP selection (girls)

hi all!

as mentioned during training, our IVP team selection has started. the coaches have mentioned that selection criteria are (from the most important) :
  1. Attitude (towards training, fellow players and during games)
  2. Regular attendance
  3. Team work
  4. Skills
please note that skills are the last on their list of criteria selection as floorball is a team sport. Team unity, bond and chemistry are most important.

Selection for the team has already started as of today's training. Every training is a selection opportunity for our coaches to evaluate each player's strengths and weaknesses. We will also be having friendly matches every week (either on weds or thurs) for the month of November.

There will also be a selection day - 7th Dec (wed) where all girls will play in a friendly match. Performance during that match is crucial to your place in the IVP team as coaches will note how players perform under game pressure.

Lastly, there is a minimum of 12 places on the team to a maximum of 25. The coaches will be deciding on how many players will be chosen.

So what are you waiting for? If you are enthusiastic about floorball and would love the chance to represent SIM in our very first IVP competition, it's time to show us, or rather, the coaches, what you've got! seeya during trainings! =]

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