Thursday, February 3, 2005


On 2 Febuary 2005, SIM Floor Ball Club has its first training session at Parkview Apartments (Bukit Batok), venue courtesy of our Vice President Adrian. Just a brief introduction of the Club. The SIM Floor Ball Club has just been establish recently and is headed by our President, Eddie. He is then supported by his committee which comprises of 8 core members. They are as follows:

President - Eddie Hoon
Vice President - Adrian Chay
Financial Secretary - Alvin Choong
General Secretary - Serene Loh
Logistics Officer - Philip
PR Manager - Shyne Ng
Welfare - Jessie Tang
Publication - Jeremiah He

*Note: More information about how to contact our Club is at the bottom page

With that, let us now take a look at some of the happening things at our first Training Session!

Adrenaline shot from our Pros! This is taken as one of our pros demostrated the art of playing Floorball.

These are some of the equipments that were used for our training session. There are more then this, we had a total of 18 racquets, 2 bendi goal posts and 10 balls to start with. The club will be purchasing more of these very soon! There will be outings and tips to get the beginers to purchase their own equipment if they want to but the club will still provide those who do not have their own.

Now this is our president at work, training us in the various technics on floorball. The Drag Shot, Slap Shot and etc...

This is Alvin, sharing his experiences as a floorball player. He is also our Financial Sec. The following shots are somemore of our training sessions.

A good shot taken by one of our member.

okie with that, if any of you guys out there are interested in Floorball, all are welcome to join us. Those who have no history of floorball experience, beginers, amatures and professional can join us too! For those interested and would like to find out more, you can e-mail us at: and we will reply you ASAP. Suggestions and comments on the site are welcome. You can check out the rest of the pictures at So SIM or not you are all welcome! Hope to hear from you guys soon! Watch out for this site for our training and meeting schedules and venues as it will be updated constantly.

*Many thanks to the Committee for this training session and also the Publication Team for managing the website and Photography.* Those who needs to save or use the pictures for any sites or personal use, please do e-mail us and get permission from the Publication Team. Thank you.


Ucrano said...

Stylo Eddie teaching floorball...

Looking forward to the next session...

shYne said...

wow.. everyone looking serious.. hee!

ACLtear said...

WOW, POWER webby... GOOD JOB! Wormie.

Guys/Gals, come and join us for our friendly sessions.
Regardless of age, skill or gender, we welcome you to join our SIM Floorball Family. You can join us, even if you don't have your own sticks, just bring down a happy mood & we will be glad to have you.

HA3, Lifang got the cramps.
Next time need more warm ups.
Next session... updates coming soon

kenn/jo said...

Wah too bad i couldnt make it on the first training.. Will try to make it for the second one ya!! Cheers!!


ACLtear said...

I'm not authorised to post any msg yet so i post a comment here, hope everybody sees.

Floorball Training 070202 Monday

Meet? 5pm SIM Plaza (Entrance Gates - Bamboo Garden)
Where? 6-9pm Parkview Apt (Next to Yusof Ishak Sec)

Thom Kook said...

Congratulations Ed!
Love the fact you still keep that t-shirt haha