Wednesday, September 28, 2005

MOST confirmed updates!

(1)most important!!
gals & guys* friendly against NP
date: 1/10, saturday
time: b there by 10am (gals) & 12pm (Guys) respectively
venue: NP Sports Hall

*Guys Team: Captain Yoge will be calling you regarding the friendly, not all will be playing due to the huge number of players we have... those not playing can join us too... seeya...

(2)very important
gals training
date: 28/9, wed & 2/10, sun
time: 630pm & 1230pm respectively
venue: parkview apts (28/9) & SPANS (2/10) respectively

(3)also quite important..
guys training
date: 2/10, sun
time: 330pm
venue: SPANS respectively

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