Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Important: IVP Grouping and Div 1 Ladies

IVP is nearing!
The much awaited tournament will be held from 3 Jan to ~3 Feb'06
All matches will be from 6pm onwards, with the fixtures being 2-3days apart
The luck of draw (by our IVP Manager, Ms Kwong) was done on 6Dec'05

Group A: NTU, NP, SIM, SMU, ITE(Pulled Out)
Group B: NUS, TP, RP, SP, NYP

Group A: NUS, ITE, SMU, RP, TP
Group B: NYP, SIM, SP, NP, NTU

DIV 1 Ladies 1 Spot Playoffs
Event: Ladies Playoffs for Div 1 Spot Vs NTU Team B
Date: 23 Dec'05
Time: Meet 6pm Match 7pm
Venue: NTU SRC

This is an important match for the whole club, as the ladies are vying for a permanent spot in Div 1, and relegation will be introduced soon after.
I appeal to ALL SIM BLACKS to go down in full force to cheer the ladies team on.
As we will be playing in NTU's KOP, I expect a strong NTU homeground advantage.

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