Sunday, July 23, 2006

BLACKS strikes back from previous match!!!

BLACKS triumph 8-5 over Pasirian Floorball today at Tampines Sports Hall. It was the 2nd victory for BLACKS and a comeback from the undeserved defeat in the previous match. This victory set BLACKS on course for the title challenge. The match against Pasirian got really exciting only in the 3rd period when Pasirian attempt to stage a late comeback to put 5 past our goalie (Chan Jiaming). However, their attempt failed with the determination from players like Jordan Tan who is named the Man of the Match. We had a chat with him after the match to find out his feelings regarding this important victory.

Jordan Tan Cheng Hua born on the 7th August 1980 who is "single" uses a pink exel blade. He admires sportsman like ex Man United Captain Eric Cantona and adopts the same fighting spirit. Jordan who just graduated from SIM's RMIT course is also the team's "cheerleader". His enthusiasm in cheering the team on is a sight to behold.

So Jordan, how was the match?
J: Aggressive but fun... I thrive on such competition as it keeps me high on adrenaline. It was definitely entertaining especially in the 3rd period. The team had improved in terms of teamwork and we were able to show in the match today. However, the concentration in the 3rd period could be better as we gave away too many goals. In the end, I feel that the score did not reflect how the match went as we dominated more.

So how you feel being named the Man of the Match today?
J: Feel honoured for sure. I am still a relatively new player and being named MOM was something that could spur me on to greater things. It was great! I got to share the credits with the team too as without them there wouldn't be any goals today.

What area personally do you hope to improve in the coming game?
J: I hope to get my name on the score sheet too! My strike partner Chris scored and I wonder when it would be my turn. But no worries, as I know the goal will come. Other than that, I also want to do better in my dribbling and control. If I can grasp these 2 areas well, I will fare even better.

How about the team? What do you hope for the team in the next match?
J: We must definitely win the next match. The aim is not only to score as many as possible but also keeping a clean sheet. Today we nearly got it (clean sheet for the 1st 2 period). We must get it in the next match and also score at least 10 goals! No offence to the opponents.

We heard you are a feisty player. What is your playing style or attitude towards the game?
J: Never ever give up on the ball! I will fight till the end at all costs. Never say die!!!

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