Sunday, August 6, 2006

3 a piece for BLACKS vs Hunters

Top of the table clash on Saturday saw both teams coming away with a point each. Both teams started cautiously and the 1st period ended goalless. The 2nd period saw more action with BLACKS coming back to level the game at 2 all before the break. BLACKS started the 3rd period better and took the lead but lady luck was on the Hunters' side as they stole a last minute equaliser to finish the game 3-3.

After the game, we spoke to the Man of the Match Adrian Chay to give us an insight of the game. Forward Adrian Chay Lup Seng #23, born on 23 April who just graduated from SIM played a good game and scored a goal in this match. Adrian, a righty with a unihoc stick admires basketball great Michael Jordan. Adrian who is a late starter in this sport had a bumpy start to this season but as each week passes, Adrian starts to grasp the game better and is peaking at the right time.

What a match! It's a pity they stole the equaliser in the dying minutes. What do you think of the match?
A: It was definitely exciting. It could have been better if we had won. It was really frustrating especially when our shots kept hitting the goal posts and even the goalie helmet but not the back of the net. Although it was a draw but it feels like a lost to me.

Cheer up! It's not bad a result. On a brighter note, how do you feel being named the Man of the match?
A: It was an honour but I got to improve. The man of the match would have been sweeter if we won the match. Nevertheless, being the MOM would spur me on to display a consistent performance week in week out.

So which area specifically you wish to improve on in the games to come?
A: I want to score as many as possible! It will be nice if I can assist those who have not score too. So I need to work on areas like my shooting and passing. To release the ball faster and assimilate into the play up tactics is also important.

Wishes for the next game?
A: Definitely winning the remainder of the league matches and I also wish those who don't get to play often will have more opportunities to do so.

We also had a short post match chat with Coach Lionel to find out his take on the game.

We should have won. What is your view on the game?
L: From the games that I see in Division 2, I dare say that we are one of the best team around. Each match our team takes an average of 20 plus shots on goal, however I would say not enough ends up in the back of the net. We will work on the finishing. At the end of the day, it was a sad game. The game should be ours but they came back to score an equaliser. We will still make it to the playoffs and win but not before I sort out the letup in the 3rd period. This is one area that we must focus on and that is to stop allowing opponents to score in the 3rd period.

The BLACKS Men's team would like to thank the Ladies for coming down to support every match. They made a difference and were like the 7th player for us. Thank You gals!

(Our gals at their voice training session. The source of strength for the great cheer leading.)

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