Wednesday, August 2, 2006

BLACKS Ladies Team seals first victory!!!

The friendly today at ITE College East ended with a win for our ladies in BLACK. Although it was only a friendly with only 2 periods of 30 mins, it was still important that the gals went for the victory. Their determination and true grit brought them a 3-2 win over the ITE College East ladies in the end.

The script did not go as planned when the ITE gals got the first goal against the round of play. Fortunately, Valerie broke through the defence and placed a top left hand corner shot to level the game. With plenty of opportunities at goal, our ladies pushed forward eagerly and were punished by another counter attack goal by ITE.

The story only got more exciting here when our newbies proved that the future is theirs by scoring the equalizer and the winner. Yasi who just converted from hockey smashed home from a side pass to tie the score at 2-2. Following that, Aziza grabbed the loose ball and put it into the net to send BLACKS home with their first victory. Ultimately, the win was only icing on the cake as it was the performance of all the newbies which made the victory sweeter. Well done gals!!!

(Sorry no pics today... there will be more pics in other BLACKS outings to come... stay tune!)

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