Sunday, August 20, 2006

BLACKS win as the season near climax...

BLACKS beat FC Squirrels 9-4 to ensure the title challenge remains viable. The match had goals in each period and was entertaining. BLACKS took the lead 37 seconds into the game with Don #8 placing a top corner shot into the goal from a resulting free hit. FC Squirrels did give BLACKS some trouble by coming back to even the match at 1-1. However, after Don scored the 2nd goal, BLACKS never looked back. Goals kept coming and victory was imminent.

One player from BLACKS who caught the eye even though he did not score was Ishak Jr Ismail #3, aged 23. The multi talent national hockey left midfielder (also hockey coach) was named MOM. He draws inspiration for sports from Brazil soccer star Ronaldinho. Ishak who uses a right BLAST stick partly sponsored by ACCARAT SPORTS is currently studying in SIM's Diploma in Management studies. Probably one of the fittest players in the squad, he is always ready to cover his team-mates and never gives up on any loose ball. On top of that, he is also the joker of the team, always making fun of people. To find out more of his views regarding the victory, we had a little chat with him.

How was the match?
I: The 2nd and 3rd period we played quite well and maintained the structure. However, the 1st period we should have done better. We must attack as a team and also defend as a team. Although we do not have the best players in the world but we must work the hardest.

How do you feel being MOM?
I: Honoured... Everyone deserved to be one as long as they work hard. By working hard, I mean that it is not only the assisting and scoring that matters but also about doing the "dirty work" like defending, tackling and running. Only when everyone does so then our team will be a force to be reckoned with.

Any areas you think the team should improve on?
I: Our team structure, shape and focus on game play... with these the results will come.

How about your own game? Any areas you wish to improve on?
I: I want to be a utility player and be able to take on any positions assigned by the coach. Another area is my drag shot. I want to be able to execute the drag shot like Alvin... hahaha....

And as usual our supportive gals are always present to cheer the team on...

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