Sunday, August 20, 2006

DXO: The aftermath...

It was a great night of fun and power pack dancing action... BLACKS Ladies and Men put their floorball footwork to the dance floor!!!

The RMIT Bash started with the pageant formalities of catwalk, saboing the participants and followed by the announcement of the winners. M4 and F2 (forgot the guy's name but remembered the girl winner Mandy) walked away as the winners of the 2006 pageant. The party's theme was "worker's scene" and the party was filled with gals and guys in kinky and "hot" costumes according to the theme (ie nurse & SQ stewardess). Following the pageant, the thumping music got underway for all to get groovy.

The night was great fun for all except when some buayas tried to strike at our lovely ladies. However, with the well drilled BLACKS men team around. The buayas simply could not break down our box play. (Sorry buayas, your power play sucks!)

Some of the pics from last night after...

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