Sunday, September 3, 2006


BLACKS men team beat RP SalsaZ 5-2 to qualify for the Division 2 playoffs. The match started favourably for BLACKS when they got an early goal through Gary Ng #20 in the ninth minute. This settled the players' nerves and got BLACKS' game going. With the objective of getting a clean sheet on the players mind, they defended resolutely. However, with SalsaZ's coach Amir firing away at his players, they did manage to get 2 goals to end the game in a more respectable score.

The player who stood out for BLACKS in this match was 27 year old Chris Jau #14. A SIM UOL graduate, he now works for Keppel Fels and is still actively representing BLACKS in the league. In this match, he was converted into a defender from his former forward position. This righty who uses a silver Canadien stick commanded the defence well and looks comfortable in his new role for the club. Ironically, Chris who supports French soccer forward Thiery Henry must now swop the attacking instincts for a more defensive mindset.

Congrats to the team for qualifying... Did you enjoy the match?
C: It was alright. We were abit shaky at the beginning and must improve in this area. Tougher teams will punish us for this weakness. Overall, we have done ok considering the lesser players we have for this match.

First day in the job as a defender and being selected as the Man of the match. What is your feeling?
C: Actually, I think our goalkeeper Jia Ming #34 deserve the title more than me. His form has returned in this match and made several saves. If not for his heroics, we would have had a really poor start to the game. Therefore, I would like to share the honour with Jiaming. Cheers!

How about the team performance?
C: I think the team needs to improve more in defence and be clinical in our finishing. Furthermore, now that we are going into the playoffs. The opponents will not be as forgiving as before.

What about your own individual skills. Which area do you hope to improve?
C: I would like to dribble every opponent and score! Haha... But the more specific area would be to work on my individual skills especially now that I am playing as a defender. I need to pass, shoot and dribble better!

Keep a lookout for the next report on the gals’ debut in the Pesta Sukan floorball competition.

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