Saturday, September 9, 2006

The quest ends...

BLACKS men's team quest to be promoted this season comes to an end this evening. They were beaten 6-2 by TP Wolves. The score did not reflect the game and did no justice to BLACKS. 2nd and 3rd period ball possession were dominated by BLACKS but they failed to convert their chances and were caught by TP on the counter. The only consolation from today was that the future remains bright...

24 year old Don Wong Weng Loong #8 was nominated Man of the Match in this ill fated match. He found his scoring touch again with his exel lefty stick and put 2 goals past the TP goalkeeper. Don who is in the final year of studies in NTU Mechanical Engineering is also the current Co-President with Esther for our club. Initially, his main sport was tennis and admires Roger Federer (tennis star) but now his main focus would be floorball instead. Let’s check out his views on the match today...

So that’s it... Any comments for the last match of the season?
D: We almost had it but it just went wrong... We are able to dominate the 2nd and 3d period but the 1st period which was 50-50 ended against us. We need to capitalise but we didn't. We just lost it and let them win it...

You still got the MOM. How you feel about it?
D: It would be better if we won it but it feels good to score 2 goals for sure. Although the goals were credited to me but I think the effort came from everyone in the team including those on the bench.

What do you hope to achieve in the future games?
D: I have been training hard recently. I have been running and the effort did pay off today. I lasted longer in the match and was more involved in the game. I hope all these would help me to achieve more stamina. Another area that I hope to achieve is that I can be more encouraging to team-mates when they make mistakes and also give them more credit when they do something well.

Any particular skill that you wanna work on?
D: I want to be able to execute the slap shot as I have never been able to do it in a game before.

If you were to be granted a wish for the club. What would it be?
D: I would certainly wish for sponsors coming in to offer us apparels and equipment from head to toe!

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