Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Blacks Guys

You are required under Section 14 of the Enlistment Act Chapter 93 to send an email with regards to your daily schedule to the following:


This is secondary:
MSN: charles_chua85@hotmail.com

by 4th Feb 2007 for the purpose of drafting out a weekly routine training order by our Instant karma...

All guys please remember to do so! Even those who have not officially been in our training sessions..you are encouraged to do so if you are keen to join this big family and please remember to identify yourself in the email..you may also wish to include your contacts and details (Name, NRIC, Address, Email, Msn, Blood type, etc.)

New babes who want to join the club can send an email to this address along with your particulars. That's (not) all folks.