Sunday, June 3, 2007

Division trainings in progress

This is just a reminder for check out the blog frequently for updates..division matches will be starting soon and as soon as the fixtures are out it'll be up here..the club understands that most of us will be working temp jobs and as such have unfixed much as possible come down for the trainings..all of us have our own goals in the upcoming division leagues and try to help each other on that..and a point to note for everyone..the coaches have not made their selection yet..for both gals and guys remember to come frequently for trainings and show them your committment to be in the teams for the leagues..for those who have perm jobs..we'll try to fix trainings on weekends or after working hours for weekdays..and once again everyone pls help by coming down frequently..its not a team if its only 6-8 ppl

Extra point..there will be a new system to collect money for the club fund..will update everyone at the next training.