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14th July 2007: Saturday's match for the Div 2 guys and Div 2 gals at 2 different venue of RP and TP respectively ended on a stalemate. Both the guys and gals could not finish their opponents off despite being served with a platter of opportunities.

The guys game against their nemesis SMU Hunters started on a brighter note in the first period when Gopi threaded a pass to find Alvin unmarked just pass the the half court in a smaller RP court (vis a vis Tampines SH) . Alvin upon receiving the pass took a first timer to place the ball pass to the right of the Hunters custodian to take the lead 1 to nothing. The tag team between the 2 players was again featured at the heart of the BLACKS attack this week. However, complacency sets in and BLACKS allowed Hunters to come back with an equalizer to end the 1st period 1-1.

The 2nd period was terrible for BLACKS when the guys went to a screen saver mode and was just not up to the mark. The Hunters put another pass Wayne to take their lead to 1-2 and caused panic in the BLACKS camp. Things got worst when both Ming Cong and Alvin were sent off for 2 mins. First, Ming Cong got sent off hence a box play and then Alvin thereafter, resulting in a 3 vs 5 situation. The remaining 3 of Gopi, Chris and Yoge defended resolutely to keep the Hunters onslaught at bay. Finishing period 2 with a goal down.

With the strong team spirit within the guys, they decided that getting no points from the game was not acceptable and that the 3rd period will be the deciding period. They drew all the inspiration to subdue the Hunters and replied with Kenneth equalizing with 4 mins to the final whistle. The last 4 mins was all the way BLACKS but SMU held up to tie the game 2-2.

Some of our gals who turned up to help out with the match secretarial job then had to move on to TP for their game against the One West Supernovas. Their game started with our gals all fired up to draw blood from the visibly smaller and younger opponents. However, things did not go as planned and they failed to get 3 points, finishing the game goalless.

The first period started with the gals in control with the Supernovas trying for counter attacks and playing on the break. Our gals tried to perform but just could not get their engine going. It felt as though the panic bug has struck them again. However, they did not give up and kept trying. Supernovas little gals responded by showing BLACKS a thing or two with some trickery and at times threatened Michelle (gals goalie) .

The 3 periods were of almost the same speed and excitement but similarly there was just no finishing from the both sides. Therefore, the game ended with the whipping gals (Brave Supernovas) drawing a point from the game. Our gals disappointed with their result did some soul searching after that and hopefully they can up their games to come. However, action always speak louder than words hence BLACKS TIMES would like to urge the gals to do not some soul searching but some "skills searching".

Cheers! You all will see rainbow someday but only hard work will bring you there...

Tough games for both guys and gals but when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Two nominations were made for the MOM for the guys and 1 was nominated for the gals. Chris and Wayne was selected and eventually Chris was chosen to be the MOM for this week. While for the gals' MOM was chosen by their coach Jaime to be Esther; a star defender in the making. Lets read what they have to say:

1) How do feel being selected as MOM this week even though the result was not fantastic?

Chris: Ok lor... Thanks... I feel its the team that is the most important. We must get the result. I hope to be MOM again but more importantly we need to WIN!!!!
Esther: No feeling leh... Ok... Maybe quite happy... Actually, I did aim to get a MOM sometime bacause I am confident I can. I guess setting an aim helps to improve performance.

2) Only a draw... What areas do you think the team can improve on?

C: We need to be more organised and not be complacent. The teamwork could be better. We attacked well but finishing was poor. I think the area that we have to work on is to defend as a team and protecting our goalie better.

E: We need to take more accurate shots. Mentally, we need to be stronger. We play floorball to enjoy not to be stress out hence we must learn to "smile" on court!

3) Any tips/skills that you want to share with the team?

C: Hmm... I think we need to have both fitness and skills to complement the game. There must be a balance of both!

E: It is important to train as a line but its even more important to train yourself in skills or fitness at home first!

In another game of friendly between the Div 3 guys and NTU. The guys performed well to take the game 3-1. Congrats!!!

There will be a 3 on 3 open soon. Go to SFA webby to find out more!

Keep a lookout for BLACKS clubbing night soon!!!

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