Monday, July 9, 2007

Matters on Training

Guys, I wish to share with you all on this aspect. I understand that most of you are not able to train and thus, we sometimes can only train once a week. The best thing we can do is to maximize our time which means that we have to train on our own and whenever we have a chance to train, we need to train more on our game plan and tactical plan.

Four parts in training:

  1. technical

  2. tactical

  3. physical

  4. mental

Technical- Guys, our basic skills are not perfect yet. I believe that if u spend anytime you have be it in school,home or your office to train on things such as ball control, your shooting (different types of shots), you will definitely improve. Be consistent and you will improve. You don’t have to wait for training to do this. But of course, if you don’t know some techniques, you need to approach our coach and learn the right technique. After that, you can do it on your own at your own time. The least you can do is 15 minutes –30 minutes a day. That is good enough already.

Tactical- this is the part I should leave to the coach. But however, I notice that we didn’t video our game much. Why don’t we try to video our next game. So that we can correct whatever tactical and also positioning. In this way, our team is able to learn much faster. It also helps as our players will understand their roles better (offensive and defensive). I also notice that our prematch is a bit too brief. I understand that the coach was not here for our first game. We need to really cover every player’s role so that if we have better understanding, we can perform better.

Physical- This boils down to discipline. I know its very hard to train on your own. Who like to do running on their own??!! But if you are really fit, it will definitely help a lot in your game. At least you can do it twice in a week. What you can do is aerobic and anaerobic fitness. Aerobic- you can start to run 5km in 20 minutes. That’s the goal. You can either increase the distance or shorten your time. Anaerobic- more like interval running. Start doing 200m x 6 in 40 seconds. Again here you can increase the repetitions or increase the distance. Recovery is about two minutes between each run. For the strength part, I am sure you all ever step into the gym maybe except for people like GOPI. But if you are busy, you can always do push ups, one-leg squats, dips and crunches(mostly bodyweight exercises at home) I want you to focus more on ur core body which means your abs and also your lower body. But do a bit of upperbody.

Mental- this is the most important part of training and I am sure all of us don’t do it. It is the most easiest and yet the most hardest to accomplish.

Start with visualization. Need someone to help us burn international games so we can watch the best players play this game. We can then select our role model and imagine that you are actually him. Each time you watch him, imagine that you are playing. You have to do this everyday about 15 minutes of your time. The other thing is you have to visualize the positive things you did or going to do before every game or training. For post trainings and games, u have to visualize what have been corrected. Studies have shown that if you visualize, brain cant differentiate whether u do it physically or mentally. The signals in the brain indicate that it gives the same amt of effort when you do it physically. Hope you all understand this part. Deep breathing is to keep u at your optimal level of arousal. You shall not hit lower than 8 or higher than 8. Its bad to over psych or under psych urself as it affects your level of composure. I have watched videos of top athletes such as David beckham and Tiger wood, what I noticed that each time when they gonna make a good shot, the pattern is the same. For example, Beckham will always do the same thing before he takes the free kick and he will visualize before he actually took it. All this can start in training. Guys we have to move towards the science of sports so that we always have this extra edge.

Article provided by Ishak

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