Saturday, August 18, 2007


In spite of the trying times ahead of us, we will remain strong and positive. Let us stand united together and wish for Li Fang's speedy recovery. We hope to see her on court soon and do what we love to do. Play floorball.
SINGAPORE GENERAL HOSPITAL - Outram Road Singapore 169608 / Tel: 6222 3322
Visiting hours: 12pm - 2pm / 5pm - 830pm
Block 5 - Level 4, Ward 54 / Room 14, Bed 4
- Friends and visitors who are not feeling well are strongly advised not to visit till full recovery
- Please keep visitors number to a maximum of 3 people at any time as reminded by the staff nurse
- Kindly refrain from giving real flowers/plants during visiting as the pollen will affect her well-being.
- After matches, teammates are encouraged to shower before visiting so as not to bring germs. Instead, carry with you a smile on your face to brighten her day.
- Kindly on-pass donations in the form of cash to Adrian or Shyne.
---We will stand alongside her and overcome this battle together---

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