Monday, August 13, 2007


Actual words from the MOM Derrick for the match against the Spartans:

How do you feel being the MOM?

->I want to dedicate this to the rest of the players. 'Man of the Match' should be changed to 'Men of the Match' because credit has to be given to the entire team, not only in this game but in every other match. On a personal level, I hope to maintain a high level of consistency for the remaining fixtures.

Any areas the team should work on to do better?

->The team on a whole has been making progress since the first match, but there are still many areas in which we can improve upon. Technique, control, positional sense, off the ball movement, passing, finishing, communication, big match temperament just to name a few. All this comes with consistent training and match experience, no one becomes a good player overnight without hardwork. Observing the more experienced players on court is also extremely beneficial as you can adapt certain aspects of their play to your own. Finally, from a technical standpoint never be afraid or shy to ask for advice because it is difficult to learn technique just by observation alone. Taking initiative and asking for advice/tips for improvement is a sure-fire way of accelerating your own progress.

Any tips/skills that the you wanna share?

-> With regards to the above about asking for advice, if you think I can help you in anyway then feel free to ask me.

Just one more thing to add:- for those trying to self-learn the slapshot, you might have come across the GBFF video and the Floorball Shooting School video online. There is a variation in slapshot technique in both videos, basically it has to do with the way the blade contacts the ground but it is hard to see because it is done at high-speed. It's hard to explain in words so if you want to find out more you can always look for me.

Any scandals you wanna share?

->I'm pretty scandal-free! But between you and me, my life's pretty boring at the moment and I wouldn't mind a scandal or scandals! Haha..

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