Sunday, August 5, 2007


2 wins and 1 lost rounds up the weekend for this week. SIMply BLACKS guys Div 3 on sat beat TP Wolves 9-2. On the next day, the Div 2 guys beat Cornvix in the early Sunday morning match 14-2 while the gals suffered a defeat on by the rampaging ITE combined.

Div 3 guys

The match was really physical as both teams are in need of the 3 points ups for grab. Anything lesser from this match would not do both sides good. Aggression is the word to describe the opponents as they were bulging BLACKS all over the court. Fueled by their fiery coach Dennis, the TP team was all the more fired up. However, it was BLACKS who triumph when they keep their cool and concentrate on getting the 3 points. Kanan first got the score sheet before the opponents equalize. Jian Hong put another 2 past the wolves keeper before ending the 1st period 3-1.
On the restart, Derek playing in his new position as a centre finish an assist by Jiaming to increase the lead to 4-1. Melvin and Jianhong followed suit before the period ended 6-1.
In the beginning of the 4th period, the opponents got a goal back before BLACKS silence them with goals from Melvin (2), Jiaming, Jianhong again.

Div 2 Guys

The match started badly for BLACKS FC when Alvin mispass a corner freehit to allow Cornvix a counter attack which they scored to take a 1-0 lead. However, Alvin quickly redeemed himself with an equalizer within 1 min after going a goal down. From then on, the flood gates opened and BLACKS never looked back. The scorers for the first period are as follows: Alvin 3, Arland 1 and Azlan 1.
In the 2nd period, only Arland scored 3 to end the 2nd period 8-1.
In the last period, a free hit by the opponents managed to catch BLACKS off guard to give them their 2nd goal. However, BLACKS are not done with their scoring spree when they put another 6 past their goalie. Venu 1, Alvin 2, Kenneth 1, Arland 1 and Ishak 1.


The gals started playing at tip top shape, holding the potential league champions well. They even got onto the score sheet when Baoying and Priscilla get a goal each. But ITE is not going to take the strong defending by BLACKS lying down. They eventually ran BLACKS to the ground and finish the game 9-2. Great performance by the gals in the first period! Build on it and you all can go even further!

The MOM for the div 3 guys this week are joint recipients of Jian Hong and Melvin. Both players were outstanding and played with style and skills. BLACKS Times hope they will go on to improve further. We are unable to get an interview with them this week but players of their caliber will definitely be MOM very soon again.

The MOM for the div 2 gals is Priscilla and Wayne for the div 2 guys. Both players played consistently throughout the match and were trustworthy. We only manage to catch up with Wayne. Here are the questions:

How do you feel being the MOM?

W: I feel good but I also feel that I didnt do much. But its still cool to be the MOM.

Any areas the team should work on to do better?

W: I think the team improved alot already. Maybe we need to be more alert and not do stupid things that cause us to drop our standard. Follow the coach's instructions and play to our strength.

Any tips/skills that the you wanna share?

W: I think for goalies you just need to save the ball if you see the ball. Secure it! or else it will be in the goal!

A trivial for you! Any scandals you wanna share? hahaha...

W: No lah.. dunno anything like that... I always attract the wrong kind of people so you dont anyhow say hor....

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