Sunday, August 12, 2007


Guys triumph but gals whiter this weekend. BLACKS FC beat Team Squirrels 3-1 on Saturday while on the following day, SIMply BLACKS guys beat the One West Spartans boys 21-1 and our gals lost 3-0 to SMU Foxes.

BLACKS FC vs Team Squirrels

Playing the stronger of the Squirrels teams, BLACKS knew that they could not falter. Anything less than a win would cost their season. However, the game again did not start as BLACKS would like as they conceded an early goal when a defensive boo boo allow the squirrels to steal a goal. The 1 goal lead would eventually end only in the 3rd period when Eddie finally equalise. Fortunate for BLACKS as Fabius the fabulous saved several crucial shots to prevent further damage. That spark a revival to the patient BLACKS who have been trying to fight back. To win the match, BLACKS needed a clinical finisher and that came from Arland who put 2 past the goalie to end the match 3-1. Thats it... Win the last period and win the game. Something unique to floorball!

SIMply BLACKS vs One West Spartans

The match belongs to BLACKS even before the whistle sounded. It was not a matter of winning the match but by how many goals BLACKS will win. The Spartans although eventually trashed 21-1 but they had something to cheer about with a goal against BLACKS. The goal is a pat on the back for the future talents. Although the Spartans lost badly but BLACKS would like to wish those cute boys all the best as the future is theirs!

SIMply BLACKS Gals vs SMU Foxes

The gals seem sluggish warming up and that did translated into a poor performance on court against the Foxes. Our gals were out of sorts in this match and just could not get their act together. The ball went up court and almost immediately goes back down to their half. Simply meaning that the hard fought ball will eventually be "given" back to the opponents immediately. On top of the poor ball possession, our gals seem to be playing into the tauting by their opponents.
On the whole, there was no individuals at fault but the team as a whole just could not perform. So where is the problem? Coach not good enough? Players not good enough? Not enough training? Is there commitment from everybody donning the jersey? Is the commitment sheer hard work or just talk or feelings? Many questions cannot be answered but if the gals don't find the answer soon, the same excuses will surface... need more time to develop... need to gel... etc. Taking criticism and overcoming weaknesses must come together... taking either one, will not suffice to be a winner. Train hard on your own first before looking at the team as a whole. A little each goes a long way...

For the MOM this week we have the following:

Fabius the Fabulous - The permanent resident of MOM

Jiaming and Derrick - Jiaming for his goal fest and assist. Derrick for finally fulfilling his "sleep also dream of slap shot" goal.

Wang Wee - One of the most improved player in recent games.

PS: no interview this week due to reporter "not feeling good" hee hee just kidding...

BLACKS TIMES wish the BLACKS all the best in the next few games as its crunch time!!!

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