Friday, September 21, 2007

Let's show her our support!

Li Fang is back at SGH and will be going for her 2nd chemotherapy session beginning tomorrow (22nd Sept 2007). As per the previous entry,

1. do make sure that you are in perfect health before visiting her
(not even the slightest headache or flu or cough or fever)

2. only 3 to 4 visitors at any one time
(should there be more, please kindly take turns by waiting along the corridor or the visitors'
area outside the ward)

3. pls do not give her flowers or soft toys as advised by the doctor

Details of her current location as per below:

Singapore General Hospital
Block 7 Ward 72
Level 2
Room 10 Bed 4

Let's continue to keep her in our prayers and wish her a speedy recovery!
We can't wait to see our defender back on court right? ^_^

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