Sunday, September 2, 2007


This weekend was a terrible one for BLACKS. All 3 teams lost when it mattered most. Div 3 BLACKS lost in the penalty shootout after they creditably led the RP Spartans into period 3 only to be held to a draw in the quarter finals stage of Div 3, our ladies lost to the NUS Calistans and BLACKS FC lost 6-2 to Singapore Schools.

All 3 teams lost with their pride still intact as they had fought till the end although the results were not in their favour. There was spirit, grit and hunger in our teams but the lack of flair and ball skills were costly. The main reason for BLACKS defeat in all 3 matches is probably they were simply outwitted by their opponents. There just wasn't enough experience as a team on our BLACKS sides and that caused our defeat.

However, we can definitely look back on this weekend's matches and improve on our play in the future. Although the curtains are drawn on one of our team's season, nevertheless as a club we will stand by each other and cheer on the Div 2 teams to wins and promotion for the Guys team. Lets continue to fight on!

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