Sunday, September 30, 2007


Yesterday was the conclusion to a very exciting season for BLACKS FC. They went into the weekend knowing what they had to do and did it. Winning against TEK was all BLACKS FC could do to hope for a 2nd place finish in the league. They did beat TEK 10-4 but it was not meant to be.

In the evening, the last Div 2 match where Singapore Schools played NUS Saints was the match that will decide the fate of BLACKS FC. If Singapore Schools win then BLACKS will be 2nd in the league but the extremely exciting match resulted in a 4-3 victory to NUS. This result was devastating to BLACKS and many could not believe how did the eventual Champions lose the match. Credit to be given to NUS Saints for their hunger though...

3rd it shall be for BLACKS. Looking back at this season, BLACKS have done well. The future remains bright. The immediate tasks to build for the next season would be to retain the current squad where the bonding have been superb. Following that, BLACKS will be looking to get some new players and also to start looking for a regular training ground.

Closing words from BLACKS FC Captain 2007 Alvin Choong:

"On the whole, the team is getting stronger, hang on together for we are in the same boat. The time for BLACKS is nearing. Be patient and it will come. Never say die and if its meant to be, its up to we. Cheers to the season! We shall be back!"

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