Friday, November 9, 2007

This is one final appeal on my part to all the guys(and ladies) out there.

Filip has informed me that if we are unable to turn up with 15 players (excluding keepers) for training, he will not be interested in coaching us. This is because he believes that we need 3 lines to realistically compete with the rest.

I appeal for 15 guys out there, who are willing to be committed towards IVP, for the next 2 months to please turn up for the next training and attain 90% attendance for the subsequent trainings till IVP starts.

I know everyone is busy with school and work. But we have to find our passion for the game. To make sacrifices. To play with commitment as a team. I've had enough of SIM floorball being the whipping boys come every IVP.

Its one thing to train very hard but lose in the end to superior teams. I don't mind losing; after giving teams a very tough time trying to beat us on the court. After a match, we should be able to keep our heads high, to say we've done our best.

It's another thing altogether not being able to field 3 lines. Not attending training. Not training hard enough. It's disgraceful and frankly, i don't want any of us to walk off the floorball court after an IVP match come January feeling that's we've let ourselves down by simply not having enough passion, committment and hunger. It's not worth it and it's not fair to those players who were truly committed but were let down because we had too few players.

Therefore, i urge you- be it the guys' or ladies' team. Get just 15 players who you know will stay together and train hard as a team for the next 2 months and start training now. Or else, it's simply not worth sending in a team to be mauled and humiliated by teams such as NTU, NUS and RP who have squads of at least 20-25 players. And not sending in a team is equivalent to giving up even before a battle has started.

True winners never quit.

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