Friday, November 30, 2007

The women don't get it

Mens' Friendly: SIM Blacks vs Combined Schools
Venue: Keming Primary
Date & Time: Monday, 3rd Dec, 6p.m (match will start at 6.30p.m)

You need to :
1. Bring 2 sets of jerseys or tshirts - Black and White
2. Sms Gopi(with your name cos i lost my hp contacts) to confirm your attendance asap. If you 'can't make it', read pt5. If you REALLY can't make it, talk to me(Gopi) lah.
3. Use this as a chance to give a call to those who've lost touch with floorball but whom you think might be interested to give it a go for this IVP
4. Help inform your buddy who might not be reading this post in time
5. Know that by coming down, you are committing yourself to IVP Floorball for the next 2 months. 100% committment.
6. Come to give your best

1 comment:

ACLtear said...

The words Kannan posted are the true spirit u guys need from this point onwards to show how badly u want to play the IVP!

Do everything u can to make it come true, nothing comes free, competitive floorball does nt hppn without a good fight!