Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Hey fellow members of BLACKS FC and all other members of existing floorball clubs out there.

With regards to the previous on Li Fang's plan for transplant soon, we would like to seek your support in this matter.

Li Fang has mentioned that her blood type will be changed from O+ to B+ because her donor's blood type is B+. She would be requiring B+ platelets to be on standby just in case she needs it suddenly. Well there's always the BloodBank to turn to you might say, but she will have to queue and wait for platelets then, which might not be a good idea.

We do seek your help to come forth to donate your platelets if you belong to the B+ blood group.
It is a simple procedure as like blood donation BUT you'll have to stay beside her for the 3-hour long procedure.

Step 1: blood will be drawn out of you as like blood donation

Step2: platelets will be separated from your blood

Step 3: blood is returned back to your body

If you fulfil the following criteria and is willing and able to help, we appreciate that you pay a visit to Singapore General Hospital this week for a screening to further determine your eligibiilty.


1. B+ blood type

2. between 18 to 55 years of age & weigh more than 50 kg

3. did not travel to india, nepal or other rural countries in the last 6 months

4. no history of diabetes, hypertension or asthma

5. have not taken anitbiotics and flu medicine in the past 1 week

6. have not taken anti malaria pills for the past 6 months

7. no chicken pox for the last 6 months

8. did not donate blood for the past 3 months

9. able to spend up to 3 hours for the procedure if being called up

If you do satisfy the above criteria, we greatly appreciate that you step forward to help her in this. Kindly note that no costs will be involved in the donation of plaelets on your part.

Singapore General Hospital
Block 7 , Level 2
Haematology Centre
Opening Hours:
Mon to Fri : 8.00am to 6.00pm
Sat : 8.00am to 1.00pm
Sunday and Public Holiday: Closed
Tel: 6321 4722
* specify to perform screening for donation of platelets to Soh Li Fang

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