Friday, February 15, 2008

Have Another SHOT! - POSTPONED

Gd'Day Folks...

Still feeling too high from the IVP 08' season to properly concentrate on the exams??

You need closure man...
And we've got just the thing!

Fun Sesson for one and all!
And it's not JUST a hit around...

We'll be celebrating too!
And what's a celebration without food.

So make your way down to...

>> Valhall (Next to the cage and near the National Stadium)
Map of the location:
>> 22nd Feb 08 (Friday)
>> 7pm till Late

You can come dressed in anything you like (yes Ess... even diving shoes), but we recommend something you can run in.

Admission is Free!
So take one more shot (pardon the pun) before the exams.

Cheers all you good people!

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