Thursday, June 19, 2008

Training till the very end...

With the Div3 League games postponed till September, we have more time to train and keep ourselves in tip-top condition.

All Div3 and IVP players are reminded to turn up for trainings and fight for a place in the team!

When? 21st June 2008 (Saturday)
Where? Valhall (Beside "The Cage" @ Kallang)
Time? 11am-1pm (Be equipped and ready by 10.50am)
What? Bring your necessary equipment and "puke" bags

*Once again, all players are ADVISED not to take a full meal before training. If u insist, bear all consequences yourself!!

P.S: Ever since the start of training, there will be puking incidents every week! BEWARE!!!

See you there!! =]

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