Thursday, July 10, 2008

FiGhTerS Of ThE CenTuRy!!

you have tasted a liltle blood from the league!
you have proven yourselves that WE blacks ladies aint no push overs!!
continue to bite on this mission that we carry ...
push your limit every week..
fight on and make sure we taste victory every match..
I'm sure you never want to experience the feeling of defeat again

so come down for this week training

date: 11 july 2008
venue: tampines sports hall
time: 8-10pm (be there changed by 720pm)

following are the details of sat match:

date: 12 july 2008
venue: tampines sports hall
reporting time: 9am changed (do not be late, trust tt you are adult enough to respect others' time)
wear: wear black, bring white
others: wear black socks, shorts

we'll be up against the strong and mighty one west super nova. game starts at 10 am sharp

we'll make or break.....

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