Wednesday, July 2, 2008



6 july will be the 1st match of the season!!
Are you geared up and ALL ready to Fight?
Are You Fit enough for The tough Fights coming ahead?
IF not, You Better DO Something About it and CoMMit for the weekly training!!

Date: 4th july
Time: 701pm (be geared up)
venue: Tampines sports hall
Bring: $60 for the second collection

Your attendance is Compulsory unless valid reasons as we have impt briefings for you.

Fixtures for the next 3 weeks:

Date Day Time Fixtures
6th july Sun 6pm Spring Field Ewoks
12th july Sat 10am One west Supernova *ammendment from previous post
20th july Sun 6pm The Armadas

all games will be held at Tampines Sports Hall and when the rest of the fixtures are out, I'll inform you girls.

See You!!

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