Monday, July 21, 2008

ladies Division 2 2008 remaining fixtures


here's the remaining fixtures for the season
3 down, 7 more to go...
lets continue to keep up the good work and team spirit!!
If all of us fight as one, there's nothing call impossible!!
I believe we can continue to fight on and hold on to this vision and dream of ours...


03 Aug sun 6pm Blacks Vs. Road Warrior Ladies
10 Aug sun 2pm RP Adroits Vs. Blacks
31 Aug sun 2pm Skools Juniors Vs. Blacks

07 Sep sun 6pm Blacks Vs. Team Hestia
14 Sep sun 2pm NTU Storm Vs. Blacks
21 Sep sun 2pm Blacks Vs. SMU Foxes
28 Sep sun 6pm NUS Callistians Vs. Blacks

Should you have any enquires. please contact raelle for clarification.
lets all make for this week's training at tampines as well...

date: 25 aug 2008
time: 8-10 pm (be there changed by 730pm)
venue: tampines sports hall

see you girls!!!

Appreciates your commitment and spirits...=)

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