Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Music, Pizza and Bonding Night!

We would like thank everyone who made it to the "A Musical Affair" night! We appreciated the effort to come down and do some "club-bonding" too!

It's a rare chance for the guys and girls team to hang out late, listen to great music from various artists and bands and play games while enjoying GREAT food!

Also, we want to appreciate the time and effort for those who came down to the recruitment booth on both days! Without all of you, the booth will not be possible! So, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

I hope everyone had fun playing games and eating pizza! I guess everyone will never forget this night of crazy pizza night! We are now bonded by PIZZA!!! hahaha...

Thank you once again for taking time to come and be part of this club experience. You can choose to go movies with your friends or just stay at home cos' you are lazy to come all the way down to school, yet you still choose to come down and be part of this unforgettable night.

Sometimes, it's a choice whether you want to be part of it but I'm glad that you made the right choice like the rest who turned up!

Well, for those who cannot make it tonight due to other commitments, don't be disheartened! There will be plenty of chances to still mingle and know more friends!

Here's the chance! Wait for the update on the Opening of the New SIM Global Education Campus on Thursday (18th September 2008) tomorrow!

Meanwhile, Pizza, Pizza, Pizza!!! It's lots and lots of FUN!!! =D

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