Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Guy's Training

Work is cut out for us...Lot's to be done....But where do we start?

Firstly have Commitment for training..Secondly, adopt Positive Attitude to learn...Thirdly, have Determination and Fighting Spirit in times of adversity...Lastly create Camaraderie in our team...These will be the cornerstones of our success...Lets work towards it!!!

Date: 22 Oct 08 (wed)
Venue: Valhall
Time: 8 -10pm (changed by 745pm)

*Note: New guys pls come down at 7pm for extra stickwork practice...Selection continues this week..those who missed out last week, pls come down..Those who have not paid the $20, pls pay at next training...Those who cant make it inform Venu or Charles..

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