Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Its The Final Countdown!

3 More Days to the Camp of the Year!

Excitement and anticipation is in the air! Yes, the event everyone has been waiting for is finally only a few days away! With that in mind, these are some updates for everyone who is involved, including our well appreaciated alumni and graduants!


For the freshies, by now you would have received your confirmation emails, which includes a rough schedule of events, a To-bring list and the Indemnity Forms. Pls fill up the forms and bring it on the 1st day for the registration. Another important thing is bring along is your thermometer, as this is a precautionary requirement. 2 sets of sports attires are recommended, 1 for the floorball clinic and another for the mini tournament on the 2nd day. As the rooms that you will be sleeping in are air-conditioned, you might want to bring a jacket or a sleeping bag (pillows, bedsheets and other comfort items are not provided by the hostel). Insect repellents are optional but sunblocks are excessive because most of our activities are indoors (including the floorball clinic) so there should not be any worries for unfavourable weather (let's juz pray for the best!). Most imptly, relax, learn the sport and have fun in the camp!


We have certainly not forgotten abt you guys, and what you people have contributed to the club and build it to what it is today. As such, ALL alumni and recent graduants and cordially invited to join in the fun in our club's inaugural Floorball Orientation Camp! For those who are interested to join us, be at Valhall for our floorball clinic on Sat 25th July at 3pm, after which, there will be dinner catered for you, buffet style, at 7pm onwards; and on Sunday 26th July at 10am for our mini-floorball tournament. Those who wish to stay on after 12noon on Sunday to continue playing in Valhall are more than welcomed to do so. A fee of $15 is required however, for the rental of the courts and the buffet dinner (this is cheaper than what the freshies have to pay as their fee includes transport and other meal costs). Pls approach Kenneth or Jiying for the payment. Hope to see a lot of you this weekend!

For those freshies who are unable to attend the camp, do not fret, you can still join us for trainings if you are interested to play the sport and be part of the club. Not part of the camp does not mean you cant be part of the club! Just keep a look out for future training dates and times in the blog. Looking forward to see a whole bunch of enthusiastic floorballers in our next training!

For any other enquiries, do not hesitate to ask through the club mail, or simply post the qn in the blog.


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