Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Training Updates

Take note of these trainings info...

Seniors (Both Guys and Girls)

Training for the senior members will be on WEDNESDAY 29 July, at TAMPINES SPORTS HALL, 8-10pm. Those who are playing for Div2 and Div3 teams, it is essential that you keep attending these weekly trainings. Hope to see more coming down from this week onwards.

For the guys, bring WHITE and BLACK jerseys for the games. We will also be looking at potential team line-ups for div3 since there are more to select from with the arrival of the new guys. With that, i hope the current div3 players would feel more compelled to prove that they deserve their spot in the team for the league.

Freshies (Guys only)

For the new guys, your training will be at
VALHALL from 8-10, on FRIDAY 31 JULY. Please wear proper socks (not ankle socks) and try to get indoor court shoes (non-marking shoes) from now onwards. Any coloured sports attire is acceptable. Sticks and balls will be provided, so you only need to bring yourself and your willingness to learn fast and develop quickly. A fee of $2 is required for those coming for the training.

For any other enquiries, contact Taufiq at 91558925 or Kenneth at 92738315.

Seniors are only to attend the wed trg, and need not crash the freshies trg. This trg is more for them to pick up the basic skills and have more playing time. Your understanding is much appreciated. Applies for the guys side only.

A collection of money is carried out after every training, either for payment of courts and/or for other club expenses. We will try to keep it as low as possible, but do know that the club has limited funds and is not sufficient for the whole work year. Every single cent collected is recycled back to the club.


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