Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Manpower Needed!!

Heya fella SIM floorballers [all freshies and seniors!!],

Our floorball 3V3 competition will be taking place next week and we require everyones effort and commitment to make this event a success. Below are the sessions which you can help out..

Session 1 22/9 (Tue) 1400-1700 hrs
Session 2 23/9 (Wed) 1000-1200 hrs
Session 3 23/9 (Wed) 1400-1700 hrs
Session 4 24/9 (Thur) 1000-1200 hrs
Session 5 24/9 (Thur) 1400-1700 hrs
Session 6 25/9 (Fri) 1000-1200 hrs
Session 7 25/9 (Fri) 1400-1700 hrs

Please kindly go through your own timetable and get back to me on which sessions you are free to help out. (including those who are particapting, you can always help out when you are not playing:] )

You can reply me by either emailing me @ kcsync@msn.com or texting me @ 92738315 by 19th Sept 2009 (Sat) . Please indicate your name and the sessions you are free to help out in your email or message. Thanks. Your prompt reply will be very appreciated.

I will get back to you on your role for the event asap.

I look forward to receiving your replies. Cheers.

PS: Even if you are not free to help out on any sessions, please kindly reply me. Thanks.

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