Sunday, December 27, 2009

The List!!

TOP 23!

1. Hazwan
2. Zak
3. Saiful
4. An Wen
5. Taufiq
6. Martin
7. Keane
8. Kenneth
9. Ishak
10. Jasa
11. Johan
12. Shan
13. Zhen You
14. Sunny
15. Haikal
16. Brian
17. Naseer
18. Neville
19. Zaim
20. Gabriel
21. Wai Leong
22. Ben
23. Iskandar

For those who are not selected, don't be sad, as coach has said, this is just the provision squad, he might still make changes to it, do come down for our trainings and work harder to impress him. And also there's still the upcoming Division 3 and lots more tournament to go. Whatever happens, we're still a team.

PS. For those whose names are in this list, you are to message me your SIM Jacket size (the white one!!). Using me as a reference, I am wearing size M. You are to message me your jacket size by 31 Dec 2009, 2359hrs, just before we welcome 2010!! Or I will assign you to any sizes.



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