Wednesday, December 16, 2009



the long-awaited-for team of IVP 09/10 is finally out!
CONGRATULATIONS to those who have made it, this is the beginning of a path filled with challenges, obstacles, difficulties and never the least, teamwork, fun and friendship!

Here are the 23 warriors blessed with the chance to represent their comrades to fight for the ultimate glory - the coveted 3rd CHAMPION title: (in no particular order)

Our last wall of defense: Our 2 goalies: Pris and Sam "Munchie" Neo

Our steady and strong gatekeepers: Our 7 defenders: Huda, Cin, Liying, Wanting, Tina, Cheryl "Anusha" Teo and "Mother" Teresa

Our unpredictable strategists: Our 3 centres: Angela, Shan and Duck "quack quack"

Our deadly attackers: Our 11 forwards: Joan, Louie, Jiying, Ayuni, Farah, Sharon, Wenna, Pris Chia, Rury, Jo "tinker" Toh and Elita

With our dedicated mentors, Charles and Gopalankrishnan Kannan Nambi, and our ONE COMMON GOAL - THE CHAMPION TROPHY, that will bring the size of the entire squad to the familiar number, 26. There are 26 holes on a floorball ball - the 23 warriors, the 2 mentors and the 1 goal make this champion dream WHOLE and COMPLETE.

We are in this together from the beginning till the very last whistle.

This also means that we are all standing at the starting line of a very long race together, shoulder to shoulder. Lets take the first step towards our goal together as well.
An IVP camp has been organized to bring the squad closer and strengthen the bond between us. It will be held from 19-20 December, Saturday to Sunday. It will be a great time to learn more about each other and help one another grow in this sport. All we have is but one another, so lets start this race on a strong foot - Come Down For The Camp.

The organizing team has spent sleepless nights and meticulous planning to make this camp possible, but without the keen participation of the participants, their efforts will be wasted. So please do come down for the camp, i promise you, it will be one experience that will make this race all the more memorable and meaningful.

No matter how different our characters are, all we need is a common goal to set aside our differences and fight together for one another! (:

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