Sunday, January 10, 2010

Match Day 1 IVP 2010

Game 1: 11th Jan 2010 (Monday) vs NTU, 6.30pm -RP (Competition Hall) -- Guys

For those going with the school bus, please meet @ the atrium at 4.20pm. Bus will leave at 4.30pm. Supporters are welcome to take the school bus too. Those coming late, please message or call me so that we won't leave without you (including supporters). Thanks.

For those going on their own, please be at RP Sports Complex by 5.30pm.

1) Student Card ( else you wont get to play! it's for registration. )
2) Your floorball stick
3) Your shoe
4) Two sets of the Issued IVP Jerseys (black and red)
5) The Issued Shorts and Socks (All are to wear the Issued Socks)
6) An Extra Black Shorts (If you couldn't wear the issued shorts, MUST BE BLACK)
7) Water Bottles
8) An extra white tee for warm up (This is optional)

Have a good rest today and I shall see you tomorrow.


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