Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Introducing the new EXCO 10/11 (:

Hi peepz, exams should be over for most of you so guess what! It is time to pick up your dusty and untouched floorball stick and start playing floorball again!!!

But before that, let us introduce you to our new EXCO for the coming year again. ( In case you are still lost in your own world or for those who couldn't join us for AGM... )

Introducing the NEW EXCO Team:

President - Sharon -- 94794277 , ( )

Vice President - Kenneth -- 92738315 , ( )

Secretary - Gabriel -- 90620463, ( )

Guys In-Charge - Sunny -- 94564405, ( )

Girls In-Charge - Rury ( )

Please do note down their contact details (esp. the guys or girls in charge) as it will be useful in the future.

Training will start next week and details will be posted on the blog soon...

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