Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Training on 13th and 14th Oct 2010

Here are the training details for this week.

For All
Wednesday 13th Oct'10
Event: Physical Training (seniors and freshies)
Venue: Ulu Pandan Campus
Time: 7.45 - 10.00pm
Attire: Please wear a comfortable pair of running shoes.

*Please all gather at the carpark by 7.30pm.


For Ladies
Date: Thursday 14th Oct'10
Event: Court Training
Venue: Excelsior Int'l School (Previously Emaar Int'l School)
Time: 7- 10pm
Map: Click Here


There will be no guys court training for this week. Court trainings should resume next week (hopefully(: ). Check the blog for updates. In the meantime, do continue to do your own tapping and passing/ at home. Trust me, it will make a difference in your play if you practise daily.

FYI, no court training doesn't mean you don't need to come for physical training too. If your fitness is not even there, no matter how good your stickwork, it will not get you far in the game. So please make an effort to
attend the physical trainings that are planned for you to improve your fitness. I would like to see the whole team train together be it court or physical.Thanks.

** All freshies (guys) are welcome to join both the guys physical and court training sessions. Please inform beforehand our guys in charge, Sunny @ 94564405, that you are attending so that we can prepare a floorball stick for you. Thanks.

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