Thursday, August 11, 2011

FOC 2011

Hi everyone! 

Glad to have you joining us for the camp!:) 

I've attached 
below details regarding the floorball FOC camp this weekend. All 
food served at the camp will be halal. For those who are 
vegetarians or cannot eat certain food(eg.beef) please email 
or sms me your food preferences. 

 We're meeting at Kovan mrt this saturday at 1100am. For those 
who are lost or late please contact your OGLs. 

Some important points to take note: 
1) Please check your OG grouping and don't be late!
2) Please fill in the right indemnity forms (above 21 or below 
Lastly, let's have lots of fun! 

See you all at the camp! :) 
Benjamin Ang 
SIM Floorball Club 
Hp No.: 9837 8192

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