Monday, September 5, 2011

SIM Inter-Uni Championship 2011 Fixtures:

Mon (19/09)
1800hrs: NUS vs SMU (Womens)
1930hrs: SIM vs NTU (Womens)

Tues (20/09)
1800hrs: SMU vs NTU (Mens)
1930hrs: SIM vs NUS (Mens)

Wed (21/09)
1800hrs: NTU vs NUS (Womens)
1930hrs: SIM vs SMU (Womens)

Thurs (22/09)
1730hrs: NTU vs NUS (Mens)
1900hrs: SIM vs SMU (Mens)
2030hrs: SMU vs NTU (Womens)

Fri (23/09)
1730hrs: SIM vs NTU (Mens)
1900hrs: NUS vs SMU (Mens)
2030hrs: SIM vs NUS (Womens)

Do come down and show your love and support to Team SIM!!

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