Tuesday, February 22, 2005

2nd Floorball Training Updates!

Well well well, what have we got here. A picture of the team at our 2nd floorball training with a few additional members to the family! After a short break from the publication team, we are here to give you an update and insight to our 2nd floorball training at the Parkview Apartment.

As usual, some of us met at the SIM to gather and then proceed to the training venue while some chose to go there straight. Attandence was great. There were some 21 people including myself. It was an increase compared to the previous training session. Training was conducted by our president, Eddie. Let me introduce to you some of the activities we were doing.

Now here is Adrian (vice president) helping out with the logistics. Smiling away. Handsome right? So all potential members out there, wanna check him out? JOIN US! (just kidding)

The training session started off with the usual warm up exercises. And then was the usual practices on ball control and shot techniques. Games were also injected in the training to keep the "Fun" level.

Now this is a shot of the losing team doing their consequences. Nonetheless, that did not dispair them. After sportingly doing their push ups and sit ups, they sprung back into action!

This segment is on the training of the shot techniques. To add more morale boosting, our president went to the middle of the bendi post to get fired up members to shoot with confidence at him. Basically in short, target practice at himself. Fortunately there were no injuries of whatsoever.

The two pictures above shows our members practicing their control of the ball. Doing their practice around the court, as fast as they could.

Now all is well and ends well. We concluded our training at around 9pm. Coming up, we will be giving you more updates on our friendly match against the NTU Hall. Seeya next time!

okie thats all from the Publication Team, if any of you guys out there are interested in Floorball, all are welcome to join us. Those who have no history of floorball experience, beginers, amatures and professional can join us too! For those interested and would like to find out more, you can e-mail us at: simfloorball@hotmail.com and we will reply you ASAP. Suggestions and comments on the site are welcome. You can check out the rest of the pictures at http://photobucket.com/albums/v644/simfloorball/ So SIM or not you are all welcome! Hope to hear from you guys soon! Watch out for this site for our training and meeting schedules and venues as it will be updated constantly.*Many thanks to the Committee for this training session and also the Publication Team for managing the website and Photography.* Those who needs to save or use the pictures for any sites or personal use, please do e-mail us and get permission from the Publication Team. Thank you.

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