Sunday, February 13, 2005

4th Session! Amazing run...

Yoz Floorball Peeps!

We are gunning for our 4th Floorball Session & the attendance is evergrowing! For those who haven't joined us yet, come down already! The fun and adrenaline is escalating to an exhilirating level, don't miss out!

For the regulars, take note that we will not be meeting up in SIM.
Just head down straight & do your warm ups in advance if you are there early.

Date: 16/02/05, Wed
Time: 6-9pm
Venue: Parkview Apts (next to Yusof Ishak Sec school)

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stoolie said...

hey...i recommend that we have a tagboard so that dudes who come here often and dont have a blogger account can juz post their thoughts on the tagboard.

anyways, doubt i will be going down this wednesday. might wanna prepare myself for the RMIT sportsday on thursday. scared i injure myself again hahahaha. think if i were a player in CM series, my injury proness rating would be 20. getting injuries every training session i attend.