Thursday, February 10, 2005

Floorball Fun Session

Hey folks,

There would be a casual floorball session this friday where we'll just play games and have fun. If u can make it, just come on down to Parkview Apartments with ur usual training attire.

Details are below:
Date: 11/2/05, Friday
Time: 1600-1900hrs
Venue: Parkview Apts (next to Yusof Ishak Sec school)

Getting there:
From Bustop across Bukit Batok Interchange ; take bus 506.
From Bukit Timah CC / Beauty World ; take bus 77.
Buses : 963, 106, 77, 506


stoolie said...

doubt i can make it...still achilles heel still hurting. hahahaha am i actually supposed to post such comments here? hmmm

ACLtear said...

It has been another successful floorball session once again! Followed by a gambling session at serene's, ha3, am i supposed to write this here? Well, stoolie, if you are troy, don't reveal your weaknesses to the enemy! Immortality, it's over there, go get it! it's yours! *corny*~must be too much late nights, no more gambling for me.

Ucrano said...

Who is stoolie? eddie...maybe u shld change ur name to cornie...

a kind reminder...dun spent all your ang bao money if you want to buy a floorball stick...

But if you want, can go for more gambling sessions, then can buy a $200+ stick. But who knows, you might end up being able to buy only a $20 training stick after the gambling sessions.

stoolie said...

its kang wei =D

well, im not sure...too many things to buy...but i would like to get one stick too! =P

ACLtear said...

Take Note: We are gg to plan a trip down to the Floorball Specialists (Far East) sometime soon. At the same time, the more the purchases, the higher the discounts. If buy alone, maybe just get 5% goodwill discount. So lets all go together!