Sunday, July 2, 2006

Ladies Coach cum Entrepreneur

Noticed the sponsor BLAST Floorball and ACCARAT Sports on Men's Team jersey? Entrepreneur and ladies coach Gary Huang age 22 (DOB 24 Oct 1984) is the owner of ACCARAT Sports which is the main sponsor of BLACKS FC and most importantly the BLACKS Ladies team coach. The entrepreneur cum coach cum student (Sports Mgmt in ITE College East) also represents MS Innebandy in the Div 1 league. This multi talent lad who uses BLAST righty stick adopts the fighting spirit of footballer Alan Shearer and is readily single and available (gals- waste no time! Grab while stocks last!) We had a little chat with him to find out more on how our ladies team is doing so far.

How was the recent Div 1 league you played in? Any experience to share?
G: The pace is getting faster and faster. Players' standards have improved a lot. Teams have more depth now as compared to the past. The development for Singapore floorball is definitely on the rise.

Gained any experiences from the league that you can share with the ladies?
G: I would prefer to focus on the team working and team bonding as winning is not everything. With the elements of team spirit in place, victories will come. I feel that if you want the team to win, we must share the ups and downs together so that if we lose then the team will be strong enough to accept defeat together and get back up on their feet quickly. You can't lose forever!

Which area that you feel that the ladies team should focus improvement on?
G: The ladies must work a lot harder on the basics. I am still unsatisfied with the basic skills. If we do not have the basics then the fancy skills will not come. With a strong foundation then you can be a good player. So we need effort effort effort!

So what is the strength of the ladies team then?
G: Their team bonding is good. What I like is that BLACKS is like a big family. I hate bickering and I hope there won't be any. It destroys the team. So far the ladies can work together and the spirit is good and this is a vital strength that I hope to build onto to turn the ladies team into a force to be reckoned with.

Which player most impressed you so far?
G: So far everyone is growing up together. There are a few good ones but I would say no one in particular yet. Hopefully, I can name you outright some players the next time you ask me this question.

Who is your favourite Div 1 female player?
G: Favourite, no one in particular but I'm quite impressed with BAZE the MS Youth Team GK. She is really committed and determined to be a top player. Furthermore, she has leadership and cares for her team-mates.

ACCARAT Sports is the main sponsor of BLACKS. So how did they secure the sponsorship from you? You must have like something about BLACKS ain't it?
G: I like the fact that they come in together as one. As mentioned, just like a family. The atmosphere is good and BLACKS always welcome new players. Just like SKOOLS floorball where there is passion for the sport.

Any grouses about the ladies?
G: They tend to drag their feet and take a little longer than usual to get things done. They are fit but tend to be a bit lazier at times. This must stop if we are to improve and be Princesses who win matches.
If granted a wish. What would you wish for the Singapore Floorball scene?
G: I hope floorball will get more recognition in Singapore. It's suitable for our local climate as we can play anytime in the day as it's an indoor sport. More people can adopt the sport and if they don't wanna to compete they can use it as a leisure sport to stay healthy, chill out with friends and also to make new friends.

How about sharing with us a tip/skill to end off our session today?
G: To me, wrist shot is very useful especially when you are close to the goal. It provides you with accuracy and speed. Keep the ball to the blade and give it a good connection (hit) to ensure marksmanship!

Stay tune for the next interview with one of our BLACKS Ladies.

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