Saturday, July 1, 2006

Man of the Match for BLACKS first victory!!!

Hat trick hero Ang Ming Cong (No.73) bags 3 goals in BLACKS season opening match against the youthful and speedy Motorola juniors to win 5-4!!! The game started with BLACKS trailing the match most of the time but BLACKS showed resolution and won the 3rd period with a spin move and goal by Kenneth Koh (No.11) to seal the victory. For those who missed this pulsating match, you wouldn't wanna miss the games to come.

We catch up with our hat trick hero No.73 Ang Ming Cong who is occupying the forward position for a quick interview after the match. The 24 yr old (Bday 9 Oct 1981) graduate from NTU who uses a righty Salming stick and adores Liverpool's Steven Gerrad and is "SINGLE" shares with us his feelings after the match:

How was the match? Hell a lot of goals ain't it?
MC: Yah! It was an exciting match full of action! We are proud to come back from the "dead" to steal the victory.

First match first hat trick. What's your reaction?
MC: I would like to attribute the hat trick to the entire team. The goals came from the assist and overall team effort, without them I would not have scored too. Basically, I am overjoyed for the hat trick but I will continue to work hard and get more goals. Finally, I would like to share the glory with our unsung hero goalkeeper Jia Ming for his safe custody of our goal.

Which area you hope to improve on personally for the following match?
MC: I hope to return the flavour by creating some chances for my team-mates to score!

How about the team? Any areas you hope the team can improve on in the next match?
MC: If the team can keep a clean sheet that would be great. I also hope that we can execute our play ups to precision and score a lot more goals than conceding in the games to come.

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