Sunday, September 24, 2006

BLACKS Ladies beat SP 6-4

BLACKS Ladies notched a win against SP yesterday. The match started badly for BLACKS with SP putting 2 goals past our Gk Van. Things seems to be going downhill till Centre Baoying pull one back for the ladies. Determined not to be losing again, our ladies gathered strength and with Coach Gary's tactics they fought harder to win the match. This match had showed that the hard work the ladies put into training did not go to waste. They were more aggressive and there was the hunger to win.

One player who stood out in the match is Huang Baoying #17, a UOL BSc Accounting & Finance student and also the centre for the team. We meet up with this Man or Women of the match as nominated by Coach Gary to find out her feelings towards the victory.

Well done Ladies! How was it?
B: The match was a new beginning for us. We wanted to show that the win at ITE was not a one time thing. Moreover we had played in a friendly with SP before so I can say that we sort of know what to expect. However, we did not expect the referees to be a little biased, maybe they were inexperienced or something. All in all, this match does give us hope that we can do more if we put our hearts to it.

How do you feel being nominated Women of the match?
B: I felt surprised but very honoured as I felt that some credits must go to my team-mates. Without them especially Melissa, I wouldn’t have been able to score and perform as well.

You scored 2, right! Good Job! Any particular area you want to improve on in the future matches?
B: I definitely need to improve on my stamina and my on court awareness when I tired out. If I were to be mentally switched off, the burden will fall on my team-mates and hence putting the team in a disadvantage.

What about the team? Which area you wish the team would improve on?
B: Basically, I think the team has to psych up during matches and not be so lethargic like what Coach Gary says. It’s much harder to play catch up when the opponents score first. More importantly, I feel that we need more confidence on court. Without it, half the battle is lost.

Alright now lets say you were to be granted one wish for floorball, what will it be?
B: Hmm.. Broad qns so I will give 2 ans.
That’s greedy of you! Only one you know, anyway what are they?
B: 1) My wish will be that SIM Blacks team will be respected and known to be a good team in the fraternity.
2) Or that floorball will be one of the most popular sports in S'pore.

Any athletes inspire you or motivate you to play better that you wanna share with the rest of the team?
B: I do not admire any particular ones but I have the utmost admiration and respect for the S'pore Paralympics athletes. They overcome their physical disabilities to play sports. The hard work they put in to win so many medals for S'pore but yet they are not given much recognition for it. If they can swim, play basketball, what more can me as a normal person is complaining about?