Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Urgent!!! Last Min Friendly match for Guys (Newbies & Oldies)

There will be a friendly match tomorrow 21 Sept 2006 in United World College for BOTH the newbies and oldies. The match will start at 6:15pm Sharp and you are to wear a black top and black shorts. Newbies you may want to bring along any house sticks if you have and also help spread the news tonight.

Recap of details

Time: Be there preferably by 6pm. Match starts at 6:15pm and will have to leave the school at 7:30pm
Venue: United World College School Campus Hall
Attire: Black top, shorts and socks. Indoor Court shoes if you have.
Sticks: If you don't have also just go. We will work something out.

Should you need further info. You may leave your name (contact if u don't mind) behind on the tag board and we will get back to you asap.