Sunday, July 8, 2007


It was not exactly a good day for our Div 3 guys and Div 2 gals but nevertheless there are some good experience to bring home to. The guys lost 5-3 to Tyreso Blue Titans and the gals lost 8-1 to the Singapore Schools Team. Tough teams to meet for the first match of the season.

The guys' game at Tampines Sports hall was an exciting affair filled with controversial referee decisions. Playing in the league for the first time, the guys had a terrible start conceding a goal and losing their key defender Derek. However, BLACKS with their determined players managed to come back to equalise when the opponent's goalie fumbled Reeve's powerful shot. They even took the lead through Melvin against the more experience Tyreso side to end the 1st period 2-1. On the restart, Reeve struck again to extend their lead by 2 goals. Tyreso sensing a possible upset, fought to pull a goal back to finish the 2nd period. In the final period, Tyreso rallied and came back with some aggressive game play to put 3 pass our goalie, wrapping up the game to the disappointment of our guys who had won 2 periods but only lost the last and eventually the game.

The gals' had a much tougher game at RP against the Singapore Schools Team pack with stars of tomorrow. Although the opponents were technically better, our gals started the game valiantly. They ran their hearts out and tried very hard even though the opponents kept pinning them back with goals. Their efforts eventually bore fruits with Yashi snatching a lose ball to finish off the one on one opportunity. On the whole, the gals have gained something from this match and it can only spur them on to greater heights as this is their first game in their very first season ever.

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. From these 2 matches, 2 players were identified as they deserve commendation as the Man of the Match (MOM). They are Reeve for the guys team and Yashi for the gals. Lets find out what they have to say regarding today's performance.

How do you feel being selected as the MOM today?

R: I think I am just lucky today to get 2 goals today. I feel I have not peak yet and there will be more to come from me. Keep a lookout!!!

Y: I feel happy but still I wished it rather be a win for the team. I have wanted to score a goal like this for a long time already. Finally I got it tonight. I guess if you visualize and think positively things will turn out as it is.

What areas do you think the team can improve on?

R: We need to focus! It was terrible to lead for 2 period and to lose the game in the end. We must learn to take those hard knocks or taunting so as not to lose focus.

Y: Maybe we can have more players pushing up and take shots. In this way, we can attack as a team and defend as a team.

Are there any special skills/tips that you would like to share with BLACKS?

R: Nothing much for me but just a constant reminder. I take note to always run back to defend and not WALK back.

Y: Im always alert to opportunities for a shot as I feel that we should just try. Taking a shot means a chance at goal. Not taking any shots equals to no chance at all.

Finally, a special question to Reeve. Is there anyone special that motivated you to achieve your performance today?

R: haha... Well, I guess its the team overall that made me wanna win more. But If you are looking for other answers then you can come and look for me personally.

Thats all for this weekend.

BLACKS TIMES wishes the BLACKS family a better outing next week. Stay tune for more news report!

Do note there are some changes to the fixtures.

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